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Upcoming Projects

It have been quite some time since I posted anything on my blog. But that does not mean I am not doing anything. This short blogpost will give you a quick update whats next for AminAyub and what to expect over the next few months!

Before I begin, I would like to wish a super belated Mother’s Day (I did wish it on time on all my other social media though) to all Moms and Moms to be! May you be given the strength to handle all your kids craziness! Weeee! 

First and foremost, I am an interior designer, hopefully you already know that as I always brag about my long working hours on social media, I still love my job. I have been working extremely hard over the past few weeks to complete the first phase of Design Development and Construction drawings for a hotel in Saudi Arabia (hotel chain would be revealed in time to come). It is quite a relieve and yet at the same time the work is not completely done yet as the coordination phase takes over! Well I guess I can only feel totally at ease is when the hotel officially opens I guess. 

And as we keep up with our interior design knowledge with the super fast moving trends, there will be a few events coming up in the near weeks ahead which includes the Tatum Spanish Night, Space Furniture Milan Talk and ofcourse the brand new Casa Gessi which recently make its debut in Singapore. Do say Hi if you are invited and if we bump into each other and hopefully I would have the time to cover the events and update you guys here, but I will apologize before hand just in case a terrible delayed posting happens. Well that’s pretty much what you can expect from my ID point of view, perhaps there is more but the ones I mentioned are those which is more prominent. So do watch out for that!

Next, I have been working on a compilation of my trip to Dubai and Abu Dhabi. It is still works in progress and hopefully it will be up by the Mid of June. Nothing is confirmed as yet but I have already prepared a tab above just for the compilations. So do watch that space – Cosmos By AminAyub, as it gets updated from time to time!

Moving on. In light of the current fashion week event, yes I did not make an appearance this year st Singapore Fashion Week 2015 but who cares am I right. Well that does not mean I am not keeping myself busy with anything. AnakXMelayu by AminAyub is another collaboration project to look out for as we encourage Graphic, Fashion and Language all in one. It is still in the works but i really hope we will be selling it all out by the start of Ramadan (mid of June) or earlier. I will get a post up on the designs and typography I personally chose and manipulate to crate this exclusive pieces. I really hope you guys will support this cause as our language is getting from bad to worse. Will keep you guys updated on the progress for sure!

Well that is it folks! Some things to look out for in the coming month and hopefully I will get continuous support from you guys! Ciao!


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