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#24 – Birthday Bash – Fairmont Singapore

Time flies when you’re having fun they say. Years fly by when you keep track of you birthday celebrations. It feels like it was only about a month ago that I just had my surprise birthday celebration at Swissotel The Stamford Singapore. This year, I have decided to called in my best pals at FHRI group to put something together at the wonderful Fairmont Hotel Singapore. Plans of which began more than a month before the date itself, there were some concerns about logistics and space constrains (because its not held at the ballroom – not yet at least) So i would like to apologise beforehand if you did not get invited. Not many actually know when me and my sisters exact birthday is, but its alright. It just shows your relationship with me.

7th November 2015 – The day of celebration.

As I turn 24 and as my sister turns 16, its time to have a big organized celebration with selected invited guests which we have to deliberately sit down and select (again due to space constrains), only the extremely important people were invited and a lot have to be sacrificed. It was quite a tense moment doing the selection, but it got to be done. Checking in was made a lot easier with Adora (Manager, Marketing Communications) as she gave a quick run through of the hotel (both the Swissotel and Fairmont Singapore) and told me thing I never realised through my many staycations there. 

We were then escorted to our room which was when the set up frenzy began. Just in time for all the delivery to happen; Damn it did not happen all at once though. We had to scoot up and down like almost six times to get all the things up! And I guess the lobby team found out about the celebration which was when they sent us a cake, a plate and box of chocolate and a card with well wishes.

When all was set and done, thanks to the organizer team, my sisters, mom, brother, Aunt Kalsom and daughter and Aunt Ain. What would this party be without you guys! Guests starts streaming in as the clock struck 5. Well, there were already guests before that, my best girl-friends were surprisingly early when I bump into the at the lobby as I did the collections of the deliveries. How sweet of them for being early, and thank you fro the sweet gifts. An then came my bestie from forever? Thank you Nizzy for the Balloons, it was beautiful! We would use your Balloon service for more future events! Hehe!

And there more relatives and colleagues starts streaming in, just in time for cake cutting and as usual, a super awkward and unplanned speech. Well. No comments. But it all went extremely well, I am quite happy most of the food actually finished this year (not much went to waste) and  I am overly satisfied with the display table. Thank you everyone who attended the event, me and my sister were super grateful for all the gifts (one bag came without a card nor any name, but I know who its from, and big thanks) and well wishes. Also, thank you for wearing black and white, in line with the Noir Et Blanc theme. It definitely fits the theme just right and brings us all together.

A list of people who contributed and sponsored the party and requires special thanks to:

Sis Adilah and Bro Zahir for the beautiful Cake, Cupcakes, Delifrance treats and fruit tarts

Mummy for the delicious Fried Macaroni, Beef Steak and drinks

Aunt Kalsom and daughter for being my delivery woman and all rounder

Aunt Ain for the Eclairs and some fried kuehs

Shahnizam Hassan for the Helium Balloons for both me and my sister

Fairmont Singapore for the Sweet treats and Chocolate Cake

Adora Sarah Chou for the brief yet extremely informative and fun walkthrough of the Swissotel and Fairmont Complex

Thats all Folks, Till I see you again soon, and hopefully there will be a quart century celebration next year! Ciao!


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