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Little that I realized that I have survived twenty two years of life. It feels like I deserve some award for making it this far. But honestly, I didn’t feel like I was getting any older on my birthday itself. I felt old the moment I ended my service at the Singapore Civil Defence Force mainly because I had no choice but to start my life and my career early. But I really appreciate all the tips given to me back when I was serving the nation about the real world. At least I was prepared a fair bit before being whacked with the harsh reality. And now as I am sailing through this unpredictable journey through life, I keep telling myself that there is really something nice waiting for me at the end and I really have to work and strive hard so that I will get there before I start having wrinkles. 

What more would I ask for, at 22, I got a job, just enough to support myself. I got my family, who always have my back for whatever trouble or hard situations I am in. I got my boys, always there for me for any possible reason in my life, they seem to know more about me than I know about myself. I got my girls, always buzy but always ready to lend me a listening ear in any situation I am in, most of the time they try to pull me back to earth right before I reach a point of no return. I believe in God, Him who always listens to my prayers and my wishes and that He never fails to make it all happens, and yet sometimes I still wonder why I’m still complacent towards Him. As much as there are many other people around me who made me into me today, these are the people who held my hands and help me through the rough terrain in life. I am really unable to describe how grateful I am to have all you be part of my life, now and till the day we grow old together.

You would expect me to brag about the things I don’t have by this paragraph but the only thing I need and I cant have enough of is a lot more designer labels, a lot more time to spend my youth and a lot of luck for me to succeed in this career journey I already started. I should have everything once I got all that, but for now, I am still living life as if I am twelve, carefree and single. Except that now, I do have a back up plan in life, just in case if some things don’t turn out to be as planned.

So I bet you are wondering how i celebrated my twenty second birthday. Just to keep you informed that on the first November (Friday) was my sister birthday, third November (Sunday) my birthday, fifth November (Tuesday) my parents anniversary and my dear friend Azmira’s birthday, seventh November (Thursday) my good friend Mathien birthday. Too much going on with seven days, thus there was really nothing personal, more like a groupie affair. Well it started of with a regular working friday, except that we had to work late due to a submission due on Sunday. And so work continues on saturday. I had to work on holiday weekend – Deepavali but I forced myself to end work and let the team do the rest of it to officially begin the birthday weekend. It all began at Amara sanctuary where we had a little surprise gathering for Azmira. It was a sweet meet up with me and my girls at the suite facing a private pool. Despite the inaccessibility of the location, I still tried to make it there on time. It was all for good reasons after all. Then came Sunday. I started the day at the gym as usual, just that this time, coincidentally (I think) they blasted the track by taylor Swift – 22. I was stunned but acted as if it didn’t affect me at all. After all, I wanted to keep my birthdate low and not flaunt it to everyone. Ofcourse after a hard day of workout, I just had to bring my family out for a dinner. Just a simple one at the grand Hyatt Singapore – Straits Kitchen. I know its such a turn off celebration, but it all worth the time spent with my closest family members. And I thank you who helped me made the reservations and specifically requested for a private corner (because I know that Straits Kitchen doesnt have any private rooms). Post birthday party have yet to begin, so you can just wait to that to come, hopefully soon.

I am really thankful for everyone who actually remembered my birthday and shared their wishes with me, God Bless you all for remembering, it really means so much to me. I am gonna leave you with some pictures of my special day. (okey not so special, but so what)


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