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Amin Ayub

Imprinted on Earth as Muhammad Aminuddin Bin Mohammad Ayub

Better known as Amin Ayub

Based in the Far East of Singapore

Amin Ayub have been blogging ever since he graduated high-school His aim back then was mostly to improve his weak English language He began his journey writing about everything and anything possible Right even before he steps into college to take his Diploma He have been showing his interest in design Always not satisfied with how his blog looks Never satisfied about the fonts and colours The moment he stepped into college to study do his Diploma His true colours really began to show. Majoring in Interior Design at Singapore Polytechnic He always felt that everything happens of a reason and not by chance He strives towards a goal no one expected him to be able to achieve Only a year into his studies, he managed to ‘aww’ people around him And was even awarded the Director’s Honours List from Singapore Polytechnic But that did not in any way slow him down and be complacent Keeping in mind where he stand in the community And that he started of as a student with financial aid He keeps on working hard and by the second year doing his diploma He was awarded the PCF Study Award by (SG) Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong Even though many would have thought that Amin was all about himself back in school He never fails to give back to the community Instead of doing a proper Industrial Training Program (ITP) He decided to give back by going for an 18 day trip to South Sulawesi, Makkasar There he helped out on a Pipe Fixing Project organised by the School of Architecture and Build Environment in Singapore Polytechnic Upon completion of the Overseas Industrial Training Program His outstanding performance continued to keep everyone’s eyes on him And was again awarded the Anugerah Khas Mendaki (Mendaki Special Award) And was presented by Mr Heng Swee Keat, Minister for Education (SG) And by this time, everyone thought that its all over He graduated Singapore Polytechnic with Merit A prestigious award given out to the top ten percent of the cohort Throughout his entire three years in school He has developed his blog interests and narrowing is posts to his design documentation Those posts (most of which have been archived)  Some would say would be dull and uninspiring But that would constantly remind him how hard he had to persevere And everything he did since then was for his future After graduation, every Singaporean son have to go through National Service Amin served his country in the Singapore Civil Defence Force During this period of two years serving the nation Amin took alot of his time giving back by being a Fire and Rescue Specialist Instructor And even so, he seemed to have had so much time in his hands He took up several other hobbies but maintaining it in his line of interest It never seemed to drift away from design He picked up photography, attended several fashion and art events  And continued blogging about how his lifestyle and interests He even took time to design a brand new logotype for a training simulation Most of which was done out of free-will and his motive to continue giving back Even though he did not manage to cling any major awards in SCDF He did leave a lot of fond memoirs among’st his senor officer Playing a very important role in the Command and Staff Training Center Upon completing National Service, he knew he need to start making a stable income And where else should he go other than doing what he do best Currently working as a CAD Designer at Silverfox Studios Those projects are mainly hospitality and retail based with clients all over the world Progressively, Amin have managed to be a part of many hospitality projects Which includes large hotel chains such as W Hotels (SPG), Hyatt Hotels (Hyatt Group)  And eventually was given the opportunity to design, develop and coordinate an entire project  Hilton Garden Inn (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia)  His first project and still on going in its construction phase at the moment And in fact is his pride and joy to be a able to experience the full design process for Hilton Hotel Group. By this point, he gave his blog a brand new look  And again archived a lot of his old posts due to several unforeseen circumstances His blog now serves as his active lifestyle diary and is willing to share it with the world Nothing much have changed about him ever since he started blogging But he hopes to continue inspiring people especially those young ones That not everyone is born blessed and most of us have to work our way up Many will keep pushing us and wanting us to fall But that is how life is You cannot always just ask for what you want, you have to work hard for it Do continue reading my blog and share it with your friends Hopefully i can make someones day just by writing God Bless merci beaucoup


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