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Beachfront Avenue

Long weekend

Away from civilization

More time to myself

More time to reflect

Life have not alway been a shining star for me

So this is the best time to just lay back and reflect

Enjoying the South China Sea breeze

Laying by the beach, getting my perfect tan

Enjoying the endless coastline

Admiring the endless sea

Awed by mother earths beauty

As I keep my mind at ease

I have stayed away from shopping

I have stayed away from girls

I have stayed away from my friends

I managed to stuff myself with food every 2 hours

Ice cream, fried food, barbecued meat, fried bird

Pizza, nasi lemak, roti canai is only part of what I had

I probably gained a few extra pounds

by the time I touch back to mail and Singapore

You may not believed that but I definitely to much tender and meatier

But who cares, at least I managed to force myself to enjoy life as it is

And to meet my beloved granny.

Only God knows how much I missed her and the food she cook

That’s all folks, I didn’t ate much photos to prove how much I enjoy it here

But that is not important, I just what to spend all my time with the people here

I will leave you with the view I adore every evening.




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