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Christmas Special

Its almost Christmas and if you haven’t noticed I have yet to officially announce my brand new domain. As much as I love Blogspot being so supportive over the past decade, I have decided to erase that name off my new website. is now officially launched as a stand alone site.

Nothing much have changed ever since my personal domain is up. If you realized, there is a brand new header which comes with my own name card now! A million thanks to my go to graphic designer and long time friend, Shahrul K from The Weekend Affair. You might have already known him previously when he blew my mind when he created my Eid Money Envelopes Black Edition 2014. Now he did it it again by creating my amazing Name cards specially for the website. If you are interested in engaging his services, do hit him up on the following details; Shahrul.K (Creative Director) #TheWeekendAffair Well as my website grow, I have made several changed to make sure I am closer to my readers and viewers. Of course it would be great to hear from you what you want to know about me or request any form of write up, I am always willing to share what I have got to say with the world. So now there will be social media boards such s Twitter and Instagram on the left where you can instantly hit me up for any queries if you think leaving a comment takes a longer time to get a respond! I’m not that much closer to you than ever!

Now that’s settled, I do have some plans for 2015. This is somewhat my blogs New Years resolution, I can’t possibly mix that with my personal one. So here it goes. -If the opportunity is given and right, I will be doing several product reviews and ‘how to’ posts when it comes to fashion, graphic, interior and product designs. I am still not sure how I will pull it off as I am still in the planning stage with my partners, but if you do have anything you want to share or read, do hook me up over on the comments section or via Twitter. -Next, I will also be writing about trends Do’s and Don’ts. Not that I want to be fashion police of any sort, but there are a lot of fashion Obviously Don’ts that’s trending and yet people seems okey with it. These is not meant to hurt people feelings but just to inform them of my thoughts, it’s really up to them to want to listen or not. After all, I’m just a needle in a haystack. -Moving on, 2015 is going to be a lot more fun as I am intending to be apart of several awareness campaign. I am not sure yet as to which I will be apart of, but hopefully when the plan is out, I will update you guys and hopefully you will be there too to support the campaign. I might not be so much of a philanthropist but hopefully I can help create awareness amongst the local community. Well that is the three main topic drifts that’s hopefully gonna happen in 2015. I just pray I have time to spare of all that apart from my super hectic work schedule. Of course please do comment about what you think about my blog and/or how you want it to be in the comments post below and do share your New Years resolution down there too! Looking forward to hear from you guys! As promised, watch out for my second outfit and more details of my Christmas Dinner at Au Petit Salut in the next blogpost. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


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