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Cosmos By AminAyub – United Arab Emirates

It have been quite some time since I last posted, Mainly because my previous event – the glass making workshop have some issues with photos taken during the workshop due to privacy issues. Oh well, I shall see how and perhaps delay that post. But whats new for me now is a lot of collaboration works as you have realized recently the launch of the graphic tee collection AnakxMelayu By AminAyub or also can be found in the links above.

Today, well actually yesterday, the first day of Ramadhan was the official launch of the second collaboration project with a local cinematographer who assisted in compiling most of the clips during my trip over to the United Arab Emirates. The project is called Cosmos By AminAyub is a new found interest for me as a designer to took into new media forms other than photography and developing skills, learning new media and creating magic as I grow. With help form people I fully trust, hopefully this will bring in more interest through the public’s eye. 

As you have already noticed, I also did add on a link above called called Cosmos By AminAyub which gathers most of the usable photos and finally video for everyone to view. It is quite a straight forward project which I hope you enjoy and perhaps there will be more to come in the coming trips!

So do Like, Comment and Share if you do like it! You continuous support is greatly appreciated an will only motivate me even more in the future! And if you want to know who assisted in helping me edit the clips, you can get to me directly on my contact page. He prefers to keep it private, if you know what I mean.



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