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It have only been a week since i last written, and i have said almost four goodbyes. I do understand that there is really not much ‘good’ in ‘goodbyes’. But i guess on the bright side, it is a sign that they are moving on in life. Sometimes I feel like i have this major issue called ‘Separation Anxiety’ and it really gets to me every time it happens. Since the time i had to leave my friends from South Sulawesi whom at that point of time, I only knew them for only a mere 18 days. But I felt like the bond created was meant to be made a lifetime. 

So who left this week? Well, earlier this week, I was introduced to this pair of backpackers, I cant call them a couple, because they are not, and they had two days to spend in Singapore. So I took the chance to get to know them and their life’s and took them for a little tour around the Gardens by the Bay. Fernando and Guliana, as I recalled were Laboratorista’s in a winery in Australia and that they themselves came from different backgrounds. One from Spain and the other from Brazil respectively. We spent about five hours talking and walking and eating some local delicacies before i sent them off at the airport at 1 a.m. before they fly off to Bali. And even so, I just hate goodbyes. It was definitely a well spent five hours and yet we had to separate. But i guess, we will meet again soon, someday perhaps. Till then, be safe you guys.

Later in the weeks, one of my petite colleague, Fiona has placed her letter of resignation and decided to leave the company. She will be the seventh person leaving this company ever since I started working there about nine months ago. Even though it did not really come to me as a surprise as I am quite neutrally involved in the office politics, I am pretty sad to see her leave but I guess if that can make her happy, so be it. Till we meet again, do take care of yourself.

By this point of time, I am anticipating another one leaving the company sometime next week. But on an earlier note. Take care of yourself and have a wonderful marriage Cleo! 

And so now I need to do some preparation for tomorrow! Ciao everyone!



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