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Fide Fashion Week 2012

what better way than to end the month at a French Couture show

a show presented by FIDE fashion weeks hosted by Marina Bay Sands Singapore

 and as i have promised,

i will end November with a blast

Merci Beaucoup

(French – Thank You So Much)

to all who have made my November an unforgettable month

from delectable dinners and celebrations

to luxurious gifts and invites to exquisite events

from farewells to welcomes

and from sloppy to full don glitz and glamour

it have been a very tightly scheduled month

but everything is all worth it when its spent with the ones i love

no matter if in camp or staying up late with my friends

all the effort is paid off well

and so from the heart of Marina bay

i managed to hang around well known people

people who are respected for what they do

people like Suzy Menkes

an amazing british journalist, and head fashion reporter for the

International Herald Tribune

people like Uttsada Panichkul

a handsome thai american actor, host and model

Dr Frank Cintamani

Chairman of men, women, haute couture fashion week

and publisher of designare and homme magazine

but most importantly i get to meet the designers like

Yumi Katsura, Christophe Josse, Atelier Gustavolins

Alexis Mabille, Julien Fournie, Maurizio Galante

and most importantly mr Kenzo Takada

talking and shaking hands with them makes me feel

that it is not impossible to be successful 

even when we have to start very small

and it is a matter of weather you want to take that step

that makes the difference to either be up there of no where

i am grateful for everything i have achieved this 21 years of life i wouldnt have done it without them who have always given me support no matter how small your contributions is i will always appreciate you existance and hopefully you will continue to be by my side and help me carry on with my life

someone once told me this ‘Amin, Stop it with your Humble Brags’ but i think those humble brags re the ones that brought me this far

and so this is how i ended my evening special thanks to Z

and hopefully december will be another fabulous month

to end the year with.

Kenzo Takada                                                                    Alexis Mabille 

co-host                                       Frank Cintamani                                   Julian Fournie

Yumi Katsura                 Maurzio Galante and Atelier Gustavolins        Uttsada Panichkul

Vanessa Emily Q                                                                 Veena Mccoole

 Alexis Mabille along with some beautiful company

my favorite collection of the night by Julien Fournie Merci Beaucoup


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