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Fide Fashion Week 2013

Bonjour | Salve | Hallo | Hola | Kon’nichiwa | Hei | Annyeonghaseyo | Alo | Hello

Perhaps these are the terms I commonly used to greet the fashionistas, designers, socialites, celebrities, bloggers – be it lifestyle or fashion, directors, chairmans, PRs and most importantly Fashion Fans at FideFW. I am honestly thankful and at the same time honoured to to be able to attend this amazing event for the third year straight and regardless of the number of designers presenting their collections, Fide have yet to disappoint. In fact, I have seen it grew better and better each year and I don’t see any form of slowing down. And to the Fide team, I look forward to another amazing show next year, that is if I am invited..

But what is for sure is that year by year, I am now seeing more and more members of the public attending this wonderful event. People who are not event from the fashion industry, and to me this is a great sign. There were writers, students, lawyers, stylists just to name a few. And what is even more amazing is that most of them aren’t local and that they flew all the way from London, Italy, Indonesia, Tokyo, Korea and even the States just to catch the show. It just goes to say that we are making a fashion headline, not only amongst the Asian fashion industry, but we are making it a global phenomenon. And i definitely wold love to thank Dr Frank Cintamani and his wonderful crew who made Singapore, the once just a little red dot now a diamond encrusted one. What is for sure now is that Fashion is a language that is spreading like wild fire here in Asia and in Singapore and more and more people are accepting this Language and now having their own say in the Fashion Industry.

This year, I managed to attend five (or four, i really lost count) out of the eleven days of shows. That is more than the number of shows i attended last year and two years ago, thanks to ZY for the humble invites. This year unlike last year, where I was all crazy about Julien Fournie and I still am ofcourse, I am now more amazed by the walking art created by Guo Pei. Although its entirely form over function, I find it extremely captivating that the idea and concept of the traditional Chinese royalties and the modern sculpture that inspires the entire collection. And I feel that her designs are a statement in the fashion industry and that it screams so loud that there is really no boundaries to what they are able to create.

I am not going to bore you about the looks, hopefully you have already seen it, but if not, you can always look it up on FideFW website itself. Before I end this post, I would want to acknowledge some of the faces i met, although i really cant remember all, but it was nice getting to meet Vanessa EQ again after a year, Azawi David the Stylist, Adrian Jiun the man behind the camera from Black Pixon, Richard Chen from Chaoxangel, Lily from Marie France and her friend, Willabelle the amazing fashion blogger and her look-a-like, Casandra, Dick lee the local POP singer, Hafiz Glamour the unmistakable radio deejay, Rohhit the advertiser, Justin the ‘host’ (the man who said ‘i will do anything to pay rent’), the two amazing hosts for the show, Uttsada and Taya Rogers and most of all to the man who made this happen for me and made me his +1, Zulfadli Yazab, the entire THS family, Nathaniel and Hafiz Yusof accompanied by his bestie Shane Cobain. And not forgetting Dr Frank Cintamani himself with his partner Mr Edison Cross and crew. I really look forward to another amazing show next year.

Oh Great, now we are all gonna have separation anxiety..


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