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Gentlemen's Night – Suitsupply Singapore

It have been quite an amazing even thing at the third event over at SuitSupply Singapore (previous post was about their products and grand opening). This time they are featuring two lifestyle brands that is absolutely important to me – perfumery and hair products. I believe these two products is literally the icing on the cake and can either make or break your look. Well apart from looking dapper in a vast collection of suits by Suitsupply, you can be amazed by how these little details actually complete you look and can either make or break your overall personality. Don’t believe me? Let me explain a little it about the two featured products.

Penhaligon’s London is an English (well of course) perfume house founded in the late 1860s by William Henry Penhaligon, a Cornish Barber who became Court Barber and Perfumer to Queen Victoria in London. Their range of perfumes is extremely vast, there is something for everyone, everyday. What do I mean by that is that there is not just one perfume for you but a selection of it to fit your days activity. For example, you enjoy the sweet floral  and refreshing scent and it really reflects your personality, they will have a light scented essence for your day to day working lifestyle and a different selection of similar range of scent but for the evening which is more seductive and great to evening drinks out with some stranger, if you know what I mean. 

I did not get to see (in fact the bottles are so beautiful too) and smell all the essence but I do have some in mind. So do drop by the Penhaligon’s boutique over at Ion Orchard on the 3rd floor or the latest outlet over at Marina Bay Sands and I’m sure there is an entire range of scent that may burn a hole in your wallet to fit your lifestyle, but it’s all worth the buy, trust me.

Byrd Hairdo Products, a Californian origin hatched in 2012 designed for gentleman surfers. Bird’s product was not tested in a factory or made in a cubicle, it’s was simply inspired by a mans on-the-go lifestyle with a nod to the 60s surf culture. Byrd’s products which just landed in Singapore recently have made an amazing sales and that I their entire matte collection is out of stock, and there is only one left (the sample set to showcase and publicise) not for sale for sure. 

I managed to talk to the man in-charge of the brand marketing for Byrd and he’s and all inspiring man himself who quit his stable job to market this lifestyle product. In his words (I hope I got it close enough) “The product is not sold as a hair product on the shelves of major salon but it is sold as a lifestyle products and you can only currently get it over at Sultans of Shave in Singapore“. I am amazed with most of the transformation during the live demonstration, and I can’t wait to get my hands on it myself, hopefully soon. Hair product for me is so important, it’s literally a mans crown of the head. It’s either you got it or you don’t and Byrd’s hair product can give you an up do no matter what condition you hair is. Well as for now that a just of information I’ve gotten form them, do head now to Sultans of Shave at 11 North Canal Road Singapore to get your share of pomade!

So now you know why suits don’t work alone, perfume and hair completes the entire dapper look and that is why it must not be compromised. I will write more about the two product individually if I have the chance to so do lookout for it!!

And a special thanks to Shah who accompanied me to the Gentlemen’s Night event.



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