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Grohe – Singapore

I have no idea why, but it seems like i am always invited to sanitary ware events and this time round its at Grohe Live. Actually it is my second time here, the first was actually when i just entered my current company. Oh well, at that point of time, it did not cross my mind to actually write about it because my bosses were breathing down all our necks, so this time I managed to get the tour without pressure.

The last sanitary event was at Gessi – recently launch in Singapore (located quite nearby Grohe, apparently) But I can’t deny that Gessi’s product have this sexy feeling to it. With the sleek curves and artistic shapes, Gessi was a lot about their design and how they stimulate emotions when you take your bath. Grohe on the other hand never fails to attract my attention to their technology. From the basic ‘Silk Move’ feel to the very detailed sound and lighting system in Grohe SPA. That entire experience that once used to just be on your hone speakers can be apart of your shower experience. 

That the thing about Grohe. Simple but yet they are gently pushing the design frontier. Things like the basic Cool Touch feature, which means your faucet will never be hot to the most sophisticated thing like the Turbo Stat which gets to your desired temperature even before you can think about it. It is definitely interesting that such basic features can actually make your life easier and even safe a lot of water. Not to mention the remote control system, which allows you to set the duration when the water flows and turns off, the water pressure and temperature so that you just need to tap a button and start your shower routine. It makes showering totally brainless an a lot more relaxing.

I am not going to give you some grandmother story about how great Grohe is. I am quite sure there are pros and cons to different sanitary ware products and brands, like I have explained earlier. Most of the time I was there to catch up in some office politics and gossips within the industry, but it was definitely fun to get to see new and old faces come together.

Thank you Grohe Singapore for the invite.

For more information about Grohe and Grohe LIVE

Do drop by to their Headquarters within Asia Pacific at

180 Clemenceau Avenue

#01-01/02 Haw Par Center

Singapore 239922



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