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Yes it have been very long since you’ve heard from me here. But if you have not been updated, i have gotten a job at Silverfox Studios, a interior architectural firm which narrows down its works only to mainly hospitality and retail. So it is not that I don’t want to update my stories here anymore, its just that I have been very caught up with work and life. It is really driving me crazy, not the amount of work, but the people I am working with. If you ask me where I’ve been, I would say, I’ve been all around the world in eight hours for the past three weeks of my life. Its hard to survive in a place where I am working at. The percentage of locals to foreign workers is merely one percent. No wonder they say the number of foreign talents in Singapore is rapidly rising. Honestly, that is the small problem to a bigger problem, language is simple, age is another, lifestyle is another, food is another. Thank God for this two lovely souls who is doing their Industrial Training there. Well at least the age gap is not a million years apart. And the topic of communication is always on par. I really hope they will do well in school and perhaps take their first step here, so that I wont be alone. But well, I will try to survive because I think its a awesome opportunity to begin my career there. Even though its really a big step away from the normal residential projects, this will be the shining star in my resume. I am really thankful of the opportunity to work there.

Day by day, everyday, I look forward to the weekends and I really miss those days when I was at home rotting my life away. Well technically I was being a good son then and also revamping my life by making my brand new portfolio (and i am really impressed by it myself, you should check it out). Now my weekends are so precious to me and I will always spend it wisely. My standard Sunday Gym sessions (along with those weekday sessions), I still intend to keep fit and healthy for as long as I can. Sleep is important during weekends, I still believe that my face is my life’s investment and how you present yourself to the world is the most basic way everyone who is anyone can and will judge you. Socialize and Bonding, I still want to have my personal life rocking good. I always envisioned myself living life in the fast lane, thus I believe that with good relations around friends and friends and family (notice I didn’t mention relatives) is very important. Not because I want to be dependent on their success of sort but more of trying to bridge my idea of life to everyone who share the same concept in life. Yes, we are not all born on a silver platter. Most of us have to work our way up to the top and I am quite sure I will not be able to do it alone. With my family and my friends advice and connections, I will strive my way up.

Staying with the topic of Good Life. National Service was really the chapter of my life titled ‘Good Life’. I was literally getting paid to do minimal job. But ofcourse as a good junior leader, I didn’t really bossed people around (I sure hope no one thinks so). Those were the days I really miss. I can honestly say, life is a million times harder than National Service, so enjoy your time there while it still lasts. And to add to that point, it never hurts to work a little bit harder to get up there. Because once you are up there, everything is a click away. I really should  have extended my service for another two months, its really like free money. Ok too much good stuff, thank you Civil Defence Academy and the people there which made things easy for me.

As we also know, Eid just took its turn and now we are on the last quarter of the year. And it seems like I’ve been through so much this past three quarter of a year. Some ups and some downs (like duh). but if I were to do anything any differently, I would only changed one thing, and that is that i wouldn’t have splurged so much on designer labels. I know where i stand as a man, and I can confidently say that i am at the lower part of the average group. But what is done, could not be undone. So I guess, moving on in life and make sure my expenditure does not go overboard. I even opened a new account to make sure I start saving, and well its not fun to save for nothing. So I have set a goal and it really needs a huge sum. Be prepared for something big, really Big. When it is all set and ready, I will reveal it. Do follow me and my life’s journey on Instagram, I am always there to greet you with exciting new adventures.

This is my last line of the post

Honestly, I feel that I have got nothing to lose if I let the small things go coz I know there are big things that awaits me at the end of the tunnel.


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