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While most spend their vacations browsing through high end tax free shopping or even going up high to get the best vantage point of a city, why not stroll by Hosier Lane in Melbourne. Hosier Lane is well known for is ever changing urban street art (mostly graffiti). 

The bluestone cobbled pedestrian laneway have been a place for artists from all walks of life to express their views. And even though the lane has been noted often for its political nature of its art, you will be surprised that most of it comes with an amazing level of quality and detail. So well that it is in fact one of the suggested places to visit whilst in Melbourne in many noted travel guides.

I would strongly recommend a visit, just a fifteen minutes walkthrough of this lane whenever you drop by Melbourne due to its ever changing artscape. No two visits will ever be the same here and who knows, you might even bump into one of the artists at work.

Hosier Lane

Melbourne VIC 3000



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