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inner peace

reaching out deep into me

to find some peace and tranquility

and so i went out to do what i do best


i know i have been avoiding many emotions lately

thus by exercising what i enjoy most

will take my mind off the preposterous pain

even when places i go and things i do

will definitely remind me of you

i try hard enough to let it go

and not let it intertwine with my dark and light life

getting my priorities right and my goat in sight

i managed to scramble through the day

without you lingering in my mind

and to mark the end of my birthday week

i have got myself something black

to remind me of my dark past

but at the same time

remind me of how strong i was and will be

ps. the last time i went to DFS with my warrant officer was the day i dressed the worst this the how i should at least look in Uniqlo Polo Shirt and Uniqlo Biker Jeans


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