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Knights Stallion

this marks the last weekend of November

and as promised, November will end with a blast

and to kick off the last weekend

we have decided to do it the humble royalties way and of course doing it with my best buddies we began the day at Shangri-La for breakfast courtesy of HY, we had the best breakfast that week from toast to hot chocolate muffin from ice cream waffles to high end prata what else can i ever ask for to begin my day to the beautiful weekend

and after making the best out of breakfast at the Shangz he headed off to our off shore destination not too far away from Ubin Island itself a secret getaway from mainland Singapore and no, its not Tekong Island. even though heading there is a little of a hassle it was all worth while once we arrive in our red saloon getting away from civilization never felt so good the humble stable was all it needs to make me feel at ease with the aid of all the lush green trees and woods it make the place a lot more private and secluded away for all the much chaotic outside world and maybe you might have already guessed i am new at horse riding and frankly i wasn’t really that hard to at least move the horse it was rather fun although my stallion was rather lazy maybe it really do reflects the rider on it anyway, horse jungle trekking was beautiful especially when walking is not involved it gives you a lot of time to appreciate the natural environment thank god it was a beautiful day and the weather was on our side as the horse trots through the jungle we manage to view Ubin Island and other amazing sights of mainland Singapore and true enough, i really can have a blast without all the fancy items only for a short call that is

and of course we have to end the day as fabulous as how it started and so we went to try something new that is to have dinner at the Glass Restaurant at The Thisle Hotel it was not too fancy, neither was it too pricy i can say it is really affordable to everyone the food was a little above average but i would not say it was awesome it was worth the money paid i guess with a romantic sunset view overlooking the pool surrounded by this massive ceiling height and sunken by the tunes of the piano it is an experience i would not want to forget that was how i ended the get away weekend and i am already foreseeing a big close to November this is not the end just so you know. there is one more last event before i officially close off my wonderful birthday month stay connected with me any everything i do through my INSTAGRAM account @AminAyub


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