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Its been a while since I show myself here, but I really had too many things on my plate to juggle and honesty, I really am finding it hard to take it all in at once. Its just too overwhelming for me, but all that aside, the highlights over the past week was yes, my birthday gathering with my favorite boys at the Botanic Gardens and tea time at Mandarin Gallery. Honestly, I was quite amazed that that managed to pull off something so ‘out of their comfort zone’ and do it quite well with all the personal touches I feel. I am so proud of them knowing that the plan was bigger initially, but due to certain constrains, some things had to be sacrificed. But all in all, I am still thankful that they placed such great amount of thought within such a short period of time for me. Thank you Nate for the cuppy cakes, thank you Fizz for the spaghetti, thank you Zul for the drinks. I am so glad I have you all being a part of my life..


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