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Silverfox Studios Xmas Dinner – Zott's, True Alps

Hey guys! This is highly likely to be my last blog post for this year! I have been extremely blessed this year with the most amazing experiences I got throughout the year, and what it a whole lot better was to continuously share them with you guys here an on all my other social media platforms. So i really do hope you guys did enjoy them as much as I did sharing them.

This years Christmas party was unlike the previous two that I had with the SS family, yes, it is creeping into my third year here. It is definitely surprising even for myself. Not so sure why, but i guess I really did not expect to have stayed this long. Perhaps this might be the last dinner with them? I am not sure as yet.

Zott’s True Alps which offers an amazing spread of European cuisine was where the bosses decided to have this years dinner. Featuring some fine dining experience, we as usual had to dress up to the occasion, well at least most of us did. I was quite thankful the restaurant was just a walking distance away from the office, well we all had a lot to do before we could party hard. The dinner which did not feature any performance or acts (like finally) it felt truly like a real dinner where there actually real bonding and HTHT sessions (even though I am not so much of a HTHT person with my colleagues, but its still good).

Dinner as usual began with a spread of pre-drinks and canapés. A starter to wash the palate before the main 6 course dinner. There was a lot of chatting, selfie taking, drinking and intimate bonding as we talk about the past business year. Although it was quite shaky, we definitely put a toast to a better year, next year (cross fingers).

The 6 course dinner was came with an interesting twist. Yes its fine dining, and yes, the food is kind of country style. Something we are all not so used to bout totally enjoyed the entire experience. The course which began with Amuse Alpine Stones (aka potato balls, aka begedil) had our palate going for more. The Scallop Tartarte came next with a surprising texture, served with brown butter yoghurt (not even sure what that is but it was good for sure, haha). Then came the appetiser, Turbot. Well it was basically a Filet of Turbot (fish) served with red chicory risotto (my favourite throughout the entire six course). Next up was the Cappuccino of Oxtail and Foie Gras, meh. Not my thing really..

And finally came the main. The Beep Strip Loin, Sous-Vide cooked (basically vacuumed bag cooked) with brussels sprouts with celeriac puree (much love, it was nice but unfortunately, i have tasted better beef). which made me look forward to the dessert. The ZOTT’s Snowball, a amortised snowball with gingerbread. 

And That Was Dinner.

We had our Silverfox Studios Secret Santa (SSSS) right after. Trust me, there was a lot of weird gifts going around, but it was surely fun to see who got what for someone secret. I managed to emcee that part pf the programme and definitely had so much fun and laughter. I shall not say who got what, but I really hope everyone liked their gifts.

Which came the last part of the event. The presentation of the best dressed male and female. Well nothing much to say here, but there, that the photo of us in the silver sash. 😀

That’s All Folks! Have a very  Merry Xmas and a Wonderful New Year celebration!

See you Next Year!

Zott’s True Alps

97 Amoy Street

Singapore 069917 


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