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Sony – Make Believe

Photograph – [Foh-Tuh-Grahf]

noun : an image produced by photography or a recording instrument.

Captured with Sony α5100L 

It have been quite some time since I go on full manual mode on my DSLR, and honestly, I feel that it is a hassle by itself to carry a huge DSLR camera around while casually going out shopping or doing some activities with my friends. Even though the quality

is a lot better on a DSLR camera, you might be surprised that most of the pictures on my blog actually comes from a Semi-Pro Digital camera. Canon Powershot G12 to be exact and recently, after seven years of torture, that camera gave up on me. It seems like that camera was one tough camera and it definitely is; it went through the tough terrain in the woods in Sabah and Indonesia, the cold weather in Sweden and Seoul and the humid climate in Singapore just to name a few. But nonetheless, it is time to let go.

As a blogger, I believe that photos is a way to express your feelings no words can explain and that is why there is a need to have a good quality camera. It is a for of evidence that what you describe in your blog post tallies with what you experience. It is a confirmation that satisfies readers eyes. I do understand, with the invention of super smart phones, digital imaging is no more a thing of the future and that taking a photograph is as simple as just unlocking your mobile phone. But to me, I believe in having good quality imagery and one that can offer more control over the pictures taken. So here it is, my latest purchase; Sony α5100L with SELF1650 Power Kit-Lens.

I know many would ask, why not Canon or Nikon or Olympus etc, those of which have been producing cameras for a very long time. Well, this is what I believe – You can have all the experience and not apply it, or you can have very little experience and yet learn from what others have been doing and Make Believe.

So here we go. The basic specifications you need to know about this camera is that it is a 24.3 megapixel, APS-C (23.5 x 15.6mm), Exmor CMOS Sensor Camera. And of course a beautiful camera that can be a prat of your fashion statement. You can have the full specifications here at SONY Official Website.

There are certain functions here that captures my attention more than what other cameras can offer. First of all, the weight; at only 224g (body only), it is one of the lightest interchangeable lens camera in the market. and yes, the lens is interchangeable with a wide selection of Sony’s E-mount lenses and is also able to adapt with the A-mount lens using an adaptor. So no matter what lens type interests you. you can be sure Sony α5100L can mount it, one way or another. Furthermore, that tiny body houses a built-in flash for emergency dark situations or maybe to achieve the party night club effect! And if you do not like the flash in your face, you can definitely trust the ISO100-25600 selection to brighten up your image and not to worry, the image will not be too grainy (as usually higher ISO results in noisy images).

Next feature that catches my eye is of course the screen. Featuring a full touch screen with touch shutter makes snapping a photo a whole lot faster. That function can also be changed to touch focus with automatically focus on the desired area/thing. The 7.5cm screen is also able to tilt 180 degrees which is best for people like me who loves to take high quality selfies. With face detection (up to 8 faces), I can always be sure that the faces are focused on and clearly taken. And with soft skin effect, everyone will look flawless (even when they are not).

Next, what is with all this shooting if you cant share it on social media? The Sony α5100L comes with a built in Wi-Fi and NFC connection. Therefore getting your image is almost a quick as a soft bump between you camera and your mobile phone (NFC enables devices, Wi-fi is used for those device without NFC). No more delayed telecast on you social media, now you can upload high quality images almost immediately. And if you think that is not fast enough, try the auto upload to Picasa. It is truly a camera to get!

And if you think that is it, every detail is said on the specification list. Well you are wrong. This is one camera which is very versatile and have its own set of applications. Sony Play Memories features more than just social sharing, but even applications such as time lapse, starry skies and even sparkling eye. It just adds to the already wide selection of functions available in the camera itself.

Before I go, I just wanna share this video done by my amazing colleague (the one who got me interested to get a new camera, and now I’ve got mine! Obviously, his camera is a lot better, but i really don’t need that much in a camera. You can ask him about his camera!). Have you ever wondered how Singapore will be like without people? And this new trend that have been going around like wildfire, Scooters! Check it out! Do help by sharing it on your social media by clicking HERE!

Auf Wiedersehen


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