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The Weekend Affair – Singapore

This is the last week of Ramadan and there is really so much do do in so little time. All this physical and mental preparation is draining my energy and I really have to schedule my time properly. Ever since i started working, work schedules seems to fill up most of my daily itinerary and it does not change this Ramadan. Honestly, I am not even sure if my bosses know that I am fasting, although they did say I was getting a little too skinny and hoped that it was not due to the amount of projects pressing on my shoulders. So due to the lack of time, and yet I wanted to do something a little special for this coming Eid, I turned to my friend – The Weekend Affair

The project was somewhat easy and yet tedious at the same time, so I really need someone to get it done for me. So here it is, the final Sampul Raya, a product by The Weekend Affair. Even though it was a little last minute that I asked for this to be done. I really am satisfied with the outcome. Especially when my dear fiend there have to come up with design proposals that can satisfy my taste. And not forgetting the drafts after drafts after drafts that have to be prepared before the final cut-out. 

What I requested for is for the design to reflect my bold and loud personality and yet keeping it conservative and like-able by various age group. It also definitely got to be versatile and able to fit various notes sizes. I personally wanted the dark background to come together with a contrasting calligraphic typography which was exclusively designed by The Weekend Affair. Honestly, I am really happy with how it turned out to be. I also requested to keep it a bit more personal by including my MAA logotype on the back of the envelope. Voila! The masterpiece. I had to play around with the budget a little bit as this is my first year giving out ‘duit raya’ to kids and perhaps some elderly’s. So yes, I was a lot more ambitious honestly wanting the leather background to have texture and to have the calligraphic typography be embossed and stuff like that. But not to worry, there is a high chance I will keep in touch with TWA to get it done the way I really want it, perhaps next year – with higher budget and time. All in all, I am still happy with how it turns out and I am super excited to give it out when Eid comes around!

Thank you so much The Weekend Affair and especially my dear friend Shahrul (Hippolah) for making this a reality! If you have any quires about them, you can email them directly at The Weekend Affair

Au Revoir


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