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It has been almost eleven month ever since I became a National Servicemen. Ever since then, I never felt like I am unable to go through what I believe in and I’ve always believed that if there’s a will, there’s a way through life’s labyrinth. Yes, I have complained a lot about my current workplace and that I can’t get used to it. The people who seemed to always keep things to themselves and not being able to open up and speak freely. But now, Fast forward eight months into the “working adult” life, I seem to be enjoying what I do and the people I am around. I knew it was gonna be tough and yet I had to prove myself wrong. I manage to let loose of myself (knowing that I am always uptight and keep thing by the book) I eventually managed to fit in and  just be apart of something. Ofcourse I grew closer to several people in the office. I grew very close to them I can rely in in times of need. Everyone knows I am the kind of guy who always have; 1- a back up plan, 2- some place to seek refuge 3- an emergency exit. My life is that simple and yet at times this three rules still forces me to be up tight with life. I will continue to persevere and work hard in this company, that’s for sure. I really hope I will be blessed with good incentives and more compliments. 

Now I am not going to bore you with my work activities, a lot have happened over the past six months I went missing and during my design and reconstruction phase for my blog. The good news is, I am not the only working adult now in my clique. Well at least I won’t feel so lonely when I talk about life’s harsh truth. Although he is in a totally different field from what I do, we always help support each other in going through our daily life’s. Yeap, my other two boys are also busy with life ofcourse. One who os going his degree now is very busy catching up and brushing up on all his syllabus in preparation for his exams, which is currently on going. All the best my friend. And my other bestie, who had a little drama several weeks ago (now everything is good between us) is busy with is leave clearing for his National Service. And he’s planning to continue his studies. I’m so proud of him although he have yet to tell us where he is going to study. I just have the urge to feel happy for him. We all watched each other grow and I have learnt how important this friendship has become. It is in face more than just friendship, it’s companionship, trust, love, brotherhood and most importantly, emotional support. Not everyone have a place to go to speak out their sadness when they just want to be heard and not judged. I have mine and I don’t intend to loose them for any God forsaken reason.

So what’s coming up next? Remember something big is gonna happen soon, I said that last December and yet it is not happening yet. It’s still in its planning stage and I will tell you what it is when it happens. It is May and it’s fasting month, next month. I am planning a ‘no shave fasting month, this year. I am not sure if I can pull it off, but hopefully I can manage. I really wanna keep I full grown beard and shave it off on the last day of Ramadan just to welcome Eid. We shall see how that goes. Audi Fashion Festival is on going as I blog. I have yet to get any updates from them but the part kicked off at Ion Orchard, the official venue partner for AFF2014. Hopefully everything goes to plan. Several birthdays are coming up real soon. I am in need of major retail therapy and yet my bank account is in need of major financial diet. I am really not sure how to juggle this but I will figure this out soon (moon lighting perhaps). And I have been pondering if I should hold a party for my 23rd birthday this year. I have been contemplating but I need suggestions, I need help. 

And that’s all I can tell you guys for now. I will keep you posted with more exciting news, hopefully! 



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