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Trick Eye Museum – Resorts World Sentosa, Singapore

Seems like I have been tricked. I realized that I did mention on my pervious post that that will be the last blogpost for the year. Well unfortunately/fortunately clearly, I was wrong. This invitation which came at the last minute came to me as quite a shock, yet I am super grateful for it.

This is my first time visiting the Trick Eye Museum located at the one of the most famous ,tourist attraction in Singapore. It is quite a short walk away from the Broadwalk into Sentosa, the Trick Eye Museum, Resorts World Sentosa is one attraction you should not skip. Do beware though, you might get cross-eyed after the trip other than, well ofcourse being mind blown by the photos you are able to take in the museum.

Yes, you heard right, museums usually have the tendency to restrict photography, especially with flash. And ofcourse, the all famous ‘Do Not Touch The Exhibits’ signs. Well this is one museum which breaks all rules. In fact you must be apart of the exhibit to fully understand it. Truly, a fun family attraction you will definitely leave with a wide grin.

I don’t usually take cheeky poses photos (as you guys would already have known) but i guess it is quite fun to shoot come crazy shots with the craziest facial expressions and poses. From lying on the floor to climbing ladders, from balancing on a chair to crawling into a box, there is really no pose ridiculous enough to make this trip a super enjoyable one. There is no point trying to act poised in such a place. It is perhaps the only place I was able to strike the stupidest pose with the wildest facial expression and still fell alright with people staring at me. 

Even though it is my first time here, I have learnt that Trick Eye have added new installations recently and featured new ways of interacting with the exhibits. The one which really got my attention was the digital attraction, Art Fighter was one of it. I am not so much of a gamer, I don’t own a Kinect or Wii or what nots, well I do but its not mine per say. So being able to get ‘physical’ at the Trick Eye Museum was extremely fun (unexpectedly). I really did not know that such games which requires me to ‘punch air’ would entertain me and at the same time tire me out, well I guess it is about time to hit the gym. Who am I kidding right, what gym? Well, if you don’t want to get too physical, there are other digital expression which you can really have a good laugh at. Its really worth the trip down south with your family and friends to have some good fun.

Well as I post as much photos as I can (which I hope you like), here are Five Tips you might want to take note when you are at the Trick Eye Museum. 

Tip 1 : Never go to the Museum alone! Well a pair is definitely better than alone (a group would be a plus) unless if you are an amazing friend maker and able to hook onto any groups to help you to take photos (of you) making wild poses on/in the exhibits. A friend would remove the hassle of asking if someone else is willing to grab a photo for you!

Tip 2 : Avoid crowded days especially if you are a shy fly! Well being shy will not really give you convincing photos in the first place. Thus going on ‘full-house’ days would make it even more awkward when there are a ton of eyes staring at you while they await their turn to occupy the exhibit.

Tip 3 : Be adventurous! Yes Trick Eye have posters for each exhibit suggesting a pose for the shot. Trust me, if you have something wilder in you mind, GO FOR IT! it wont hurt anyone. You might never know, someone after you might just copy your pose, they you can be the trend setter. Remember, there is really no right or wrong poses.

Tip 4 : Bring a decent camera! Well I know that the museum is well lit and your smartphone camera  is insanely good even in dim lights. But sometimes, a decent digital camera can make it look a whole lot better. Whats more is that at least you will not clog your phone memory space. So clicking wont hurt so much. Trust me, take more shots, perhaps only one or two might look perfectly positioned to look 3Dimensional – Remember to stand at the right photo-points too as designated by the museum.

Tip 5 : Dress right! Wear something suitable for multiple scenes. I believe that you trip to the Trick Eye Museum is only well deserved if you make your photo viewers ‘believe’ it. So wear something that you can fit in easily. (Honestly, I feel that my look doesn’t fit in every scene, but I guess it was decent enough!)

I totally had so much fun snapping, making new friends, see others make funny poses and be totally weird around people I don’t even know. So a very big thank you to The Influencer Network for this opportunity to make my first visit to the Trick Eye Museum, Resorts World Sentosa, Singapore a super amazing and fun one! I could not have imagined how I would have enjoyed such a museum ever, but you guys totally did it right! Right for me at least! 

So do head down south  to RWS Singapore with your friends you are able to be weird with and have a blast!!

Resorts World Sentosa

26 Sentosa Gateway #01-43/44

Singapore 098138


PS. This is probably the the right time to be emotional, I have updated my latest favourite tunes on my Spotify obsession (on the left)! Do check the deep tunes by Ruth B!


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