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Hey Guys! this is it! The last blogpost for the year! I hope you guys have had a great 2016 and are all prepared to greet the new year, 2017. And for once, after a very long time, I am gonna be sharing just a summary of my feelings and the emotional roller-coaster 2016 have been based on the three words I have listed below. So if you are not interested, just keep scrolling and enjoy the photos of the Christmas Pool Grill Dinner at Marriott Tang Plaza, Singapore.

Intense | Invaded | Insufficient

INTENSE. Time flew by so fast in 2016 and much of my decisions made this year were very intense. With work, friends and relationships that needed a lot of maintenance, I barely had time for myself. Most of the decisions had to be made on the spot. Therefore, I was given no choice but to leave some of the negative people/influences who once meant the world to me within seconds. There have been fights, both loud & physical ones and silent & emotional ones. Hence, I would say this year have been quite an emotional roller-coaster for me. And although I did not make much of my 2016 goals, I think I have sorted out my emotions and even though I am still hurt over several events this year, you just know you can never forget it but to just live with it. Not many knows about my story, and I would like to keep it that way, but that is where I come to my next point.

INVADED. It is in my nature to welcome new people in my life, after all, while we lose some, obviously we have got to gain some. But obviously, most of you know that I do have trust issues with anyone new I meet. This is one of those years I feel that I have opened up my doors to too many individuals and all of a sudden, I feel extremely vulnerable. And ofcourse, the worst case scenario got to happen to me this year and had my heart played as if I was just a piece of meat. Although I am truly disappointed with myself for giving too much of myself, I really had no choice coz I cant blame others for my negligence. I am hurt, but it was my fault indeed. So I guess I have to be more careful as to who I open my doors to in 2017. I really hope to find the one in the near future, which brings me to my next point.

INSUFFICIENT. Time have always been my struggling factor in 2016. I wish I had more time spent with some unnamed individuals, more time with my close friends and colleagues and obviously family. I have spent so much time in the office, most times I feel that my room at home is rather redundant and is more of a storage space and a sleeping quarters, rather than a ‘home‘, if you know what I mean. But that is the fact that I think I need to work on. Although I am quiet sure it is not an time management issue, I guess 2017 needs to be the year I fix that problem. But even though there is so many other factors thats insufficient, I feel that I did accomplish traveling by myself this year. Although it was quite unplanned and was quite a disaster, there must always be a first.

Well now you have got an outline of what I have gone through in 2016. I am very sure, you are very lost especially if you are not sure about my full life story behind those facts. But I am quite sure, there is quite a number who can fully understand it. For those who still don’t get me, yet stuck with me throughout the entire post, I appreciate it. Surely you do understand me a little better of not fully.

To everyone who had my back through 2016. I love you all and may God Bless all of you. To them whom I have either intentionally or unintentionally hurt, I sincerely apologise and if you need to talk it out, drop me a personal text and we can talk it out rationally. Till 2017 greets us and till we meet again! Have a very Happy New Year! XXAA

Pool Grill, Marriott Tang Plaza

320 Orchard Road

Singapore 238865


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